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5pm - 5am

Family dinner, parties with friends, and even those days when you want to enjoy a cozy drink alone, Ichiza got you. Please enjoy a satisfying dishes that Ichiza has been loved across generations.



5am - 10am 

*Available only at Ichiza1 Original

Why not kickstart your day with Ichiza's authentic Japanese breakfast?

Experience the simplicity and comforting flavors of our "Asa-Gohan" or Breakfast – a delightful morning meal that will nourish both your body and soul.

市座から始める1日。THE 日本の朝ごはん、恋しくないですか?炊き立ての白ご飯、熱々のお味噌汁に焼き魚。素朴だけど美味しい市座の朝ごはんをぜひ。

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